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Enhancing your pet's health and happiness

Animal consultation provides pet owners with assistance in solving common health and behavioral problems. Consultations with Kim St. Claire can help you prevent and solve your pet's health and behavior issues successfully while teaching you how to self-manage your animal friend's health and well-being. Whether you attend one of Kim's educational WORKSHOPS or consult with her in the convenience of your home environment or over the telephone, you will be taught how to help improve your pet's health and happiness using gentle, positive techniques that all animals understand. All of Kim's methods can strengthen your relationship with your pet andbuild mutual trust and cooperation.

TELLINGTON TTOUCH is the foundation of Kim's healing work. She is a Certified T Touch Practitioner. Kim uses a combination of
T Touch bodywork along with a variety of other safe healing methods proven to be very effective in promoting positive behavior and health. T Touch is a technique that improves overall emotional, physical, mental and behavioral health and enhances the bond between you and your companion animal. So, if your animalfriend has seperation anxiety, arthritis, barks, bites or is recovering from surgery, T Touch addresses these issues and many more. After speaking to you about your pet's specific needs, Kim can make recommendations for a comprehensive and integrated healing approach which

may also include NUTRITIONAL modifications and AROMA-THERAPY. Kim is available for other supportive animal care services such as spa wellness days and safe PET TRANSPORT. Fun pet EVENTS such as pet birthdays, weddings and wellness days are also offered. KIM ST. CLAIRE has worked with thousands of animals and has taught and organized workshops on a wide range of animal wellness topics. Her list of clients includes celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Minnie Driver, Lindsay Lohan and Rachael Hunter. She has dedicated her life to helping animals and the people who love them.




Kim teaches animal wellness workshops throughout the United States. Both you and your pet will have fun learning from Kim’s integrated, hands-on approach to improve your pet’s health, behavior and performance.

To speak to Kim about your pet’s needs, please send her an email or call her at:
Mobile: 760-484-3630

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TTouch for animals is often thought of as a dog massage or dog massage therapy, canine massage, animal massage therapy, healing animal touch massage from a dog massage therapist. It could be thought of as all of these and it is also a very unique and specialized healing techique.