Additional services

Along with TTouch Therapy, Kim provides additional supportive animal care services to pet's owners. After speaking to you about your pet's specific needs, Kim can make recommendations for a comprehensive and integrated healing approach which may also include nutritional advice and customized aromatherapy.

Thank you so much for the oil blends. I absolutely love each one...they are sensational and so fitting to every mood. I can tell there is so much love, tenderness and uniqueness in each one. Thank you so much for all your love
–Stephanie N.

TTouch has proven to be an amazing therapy for both of my 14 year old dogs. Zach, a Labrador mix, has acute arthritis. His regular TTouch treatments visibly help with his mobility and his pain. Holly, a Husky mix and a shelter dog, had difficulty trusting people. After several TTouch treatments she has become more mellow and loving and less intense. Both dogs clearly love their body work. It has made a marked difference in the quality of both of their lives and therefore mine!
–Gail F.

Kim also offers spa wellness days for pampered pooches and safe pet transport for busy owners. Pet events such as pet birthdays, weddings and wellness days can be fun for the whole family.

Kim can evaluate your pet's nutritional needs and make individual recommendations to maximize your pet's health. She can help you determine which foods and treats can best meet their lifestyle and health needs.

Fun pet birthday parties, weddings and baby showers! Ask Kim to help you plan a fun and unique pet party. Kim coordinates everything from the cake to the wedding vows. Your whole family will have a blast.

Aromatherapy oils can detoxify, revitalize and increase your pet's resistance to disease while strengthening the immune system. Aromatherapy can be considered a complimentary therapy to T Touch. Ask Kim about her custom aromatherapy blends.

Kim conducts animal wellness workshops throughout the US She educates groups on topics related to health and behavorial issues of companion animals.

Spoil your pet with a special day of pampering. The Spa Wellness day includes facials, oil treatments, hot stone therapy, nail polishing, and aromatherapy. This is a great gift idea for your human friends who adore their pets. Ask for a gift certificate.

I will help you when your pet is aging and needs special care and assistance. When our pets come to the end of their lives, sometimes we feel very helpless. I can assist you in changing dietary needs, setting up a routine that makes you and your pet feel better, help with exercises and touch that can make a better day for you and your pet. I can assist with grief support and assisting you with decisions that support you and your pet. I want to help comfort you at this journey as well as meet your beloved pets’ needs.

Kim will work with you to arrange the fastest and most direct travel arrangements for your pet. She will ensure your animal friend's travel is as comfortable as possible while moving your pet from drop-off to pick-up and delivery to your final destination.

Find out more about these animal healing care services for your pet. Email Kim at or Home: 760-436-1954. Mobile: 760-484-2857

TTouch for animals is often thought of as a dog massage or dog massage therapy, canine massage, animal massage therapy, healing animal touch massage from a dog massage therapist. It could be thought of as all of these and it is also a very unique and specialized healing techique.