How can TTouch help my pet?

If your companion animal exhibits
one or more problem behaviors or is experiencing health problems, your pet will benefit from TTouch with Certified TTouch Practitioner KIM ST. CLAIRE.

How TTouch can help your animal friend:
• Transforms fear, stress, nervousness and aggression into confidence and relaxation.
• Alleviates behavior problems like biting, chewing, barking, leash pulling and fear
0of people or loud noises.
• Helps animals recover from surgery, chronic injuries or age related disease
0and illnesses like arthritis.
• Improves the performance of service and show animals.
• Deepens your bond with your pet through this dog massage technique.

Kim is a Certified TTouch Practitioner with over 15 years of experience working with wildlife, zoo and companion animals. She can help your pet heal and teach you how to optimize your pet's health and happiness through this healing dog massage technique.

Print out the PDF and complete this Consent Form prior to your appt. with Kim.


Our family thanks you from the bottom of our heart for your generous support. We are thrilled to tell you
thatMesain on
the road
to recovery!
Nicole, Rich
and Dylan

Kim has a natural kinship with animals and a great deal of compassion. The TTouch not only assisted in the overall health of my cat, but added another level of depth and rapport to the bond we have. Mira R.
TTouch has made a noticeable difference in our very active black lab. Before, she wouldn't stay
sill long enough for us to even pet her. Now she comes to us seeking affection and is responding
betterto our training commands.
Christie R.

Contact Kim to find out more about the benefits of TTouch for your pet. Email her at or call 760-436-1954.

TTouch for animals is often thought of as a dog massage or dog massage therapy, canine massage, animal massage therapy, healing animal touch massage from a dog massage therapist. It could be thought of as all of these and it is also a very unique and specialized healing techique.