dog’s body. It is believed that massaging the skin in a clockwise motion for 11/4 turns elicits a change in a dog’s brain wave patterns that can help ease physical aches and curb aggressive behavior.

Todd will use shelter dogs to demonstrate the technique.

“You’re moving the skin all over the body with different touches,” Todd said. “You can combine the touches to see which will benefit each individual animal the most.”

Cardiff-based psychotherapist Elaine Litton said her 12-year-ol Belgian shepherd, Cisco, has been an integral part of her clients’ treatment for years. Recently Todd has been helping Litton’s dog through problems with rear leg paralysis and chronic pneumonia.

“I think the TTouch has helped both those things,” Litton said. “It helps his lungs work better. It helps his legs work better, (and) it certainly increases his comfort.”

Also included in Todd’s class will be a discussion of how dogs use the body, face, ears, tail, sounds and expressions to communicate with one another.

By learning some basic signals, Todd said, owners can make a situation less stressful for their animals.

“I take everything and assess what is right for their own dog,” Todd said. “I look for different things—socialization, temperament, behavior, age and medical history.”

Coast News

July 2006, "Soothing, Setting For Pets Are Topics of Upcoming Classes"

By Pat Sherman, Community News Writer

ESCONDIDO–Animal lovers can learn how to apply a sotthing hand to their dog or earn spare income while looking after other people’s pets during two adult education courses offered through Escondido Humane Society.

Pamela Begeal will explain how to start and run a pet-sitting business from 1 to 4 p.m. July 30. Kim Todd will give information on the holistic TTouch method for dogs from noon to 4 p.m. Aug. 5. Both adult education courses will be in the conference room of the Escondido Humane Society, 3450 E. Valley Parkway, Escondido. The cost for each course is $40. Those attending the classes are asked to leave their pets at home.

Todd likens TTouch to a form of acupressure. It involves a concentrated, circular massage at one of 30 points on a

In the case of aggressive dogs, Todd said, there are often underlying physical issues. “Usually, just like with people, if there’s a physical ailment, it’ll manifest behaviorally.” Todd said. “If you’ve got a headache and a stomach-ache, you’re going to be a little cranky with your co-workers. If a dog isn’t feeling well, they’re going to lash out.”

Todd said TTouch can also help dogs coming out of anesthesia or those that have been abused or abandoned, like many of the animals brought into the Escondido Humane Society.

Begeal’s three-hour introductory workshop will deal with the basics of running a profitable pet-sitting business. Topics covered will include how to obtain a business license, liability coverage, managing costs, advertising and other business procedures.

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