Feeding your pet a fresher more natural diet takes a little time and effort. I have seen phenomenal changes in my client’s pets when they have switched to raw or barf diets.

Some of the changes have been no allergies, shinier coat, better breath, weight reduction and various behavioral changes. Introducing a new homemade diet takes about a three week period for absorption into the digestive tract.

I recommend starting with small amounts added to their kibble or dry food and gradually wean them off the kibble. A good amount to introduce is about 3-4 Tablespoons daily. Many people give up because they see a change in their elimination process, however, this is a very normal change. I highly recommend the following books for reference on this subject, Scared Poopless, The Barf Diet and The Natural Guide to feeding your pet.

The following recipe is a sample canine recipe. Please remember these are basic guidelines and individual needs may vary by age, existing health, and weight.

An average adult dog’s caloric intake for 10 lbs. would be 410 calories, whereas an 80 lb. dog would be 1800 calories. There are also pre made foods available at some pet stores.

Why Eat B.A.R.F.? (Bones and Raw Food)

By Kim St. Claire, Animal Care Consultant

And so it is for our beloved companion animals. With the recent pet food scare, we are here to tell you why. I have been raw feeding my dog for over 11 years.  Once thought as an over the edge way to feed it has become an acceptable way to care for our animals. What we feed our companions is not meant to be chemical laden or odorous. 

In the wild, dogs and cats consume a combination of very high proteins. This combination includes innards, bones, vegetables, grains, and meats. Feeding our companion animals as close as we can to what their digestive tracts were originally designed to digest over 10,000 years ago is what is truly best for our pets. Many commercial pet foods use carcasses of diseased animals. Animals fed raw diets will take a new leash on life, and live happier, healthier and longer lives.


2 lbs. raw turkey
8 C raw rolled oats
C vegetable oil
6,000 milligrams calcium
400 units Vitamin E
2 cloves minced garlic
C broccoli

Daily ration 5 cups - 1x a day for an average 60 lb. dog

After mixing ingredients put daily rations in baggies. Freeze and after initial first meal, pull the next days meal out. To your health.

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