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Machining brass

Special brass

Wieland EN Designation EN No. ASTM UNS-No. JIS-No.
M05 CuZn5 CW500L C21000 C2100
M10 CuZn10 CW501L C22000 C2200
M12 - - C22600
M15 CuZn15 CW502L C23000 C2300
M30 CuZn30 CW505L C26000 C2600
M33 CuZn33 CW506L C26800 C2680
M36 CuZn36 CW507L C26800 / C27000 C2700
M37 CuZn37 CW508L C27200 C2720

Wieland EN Designation EN No. JIS-No.
Z21 CuZn38Pb2 CW608N C3713

Wieland EN Designation EN No. ASTM UNS-No. JIS-No.
S12 CuSn3Zn9 CW454K C42500 C4250
S23 CuZn23Al3Co CW703R C68800
S57 - - C41100
S58 - - C42200
S62 - - C44300
S63 - - C42520

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Foto Florian Diesch Florian Diesch
SBU Manager | Heating & Cooling | BU Extruded Products
Wieland-Werke AG
+49 731 944 6326

Kein Foto vorhanden Oliver Bathray
Director Sales Electrical Engineering & Metal Goods | Rolled Products
Wieland-Werke AG
+49 731 944 2448

Foto Daniel Riester Daniel Riester
Sales Director | Machining Brass and Specialties
Wieland-Werke AG
+49 731 944 2674

Foto Rainer Hepp Rainer Hepp
SBU Manager | Plumbing Wholesaler
Wieland-Werke AG
+49 731 944 1170

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