Process Technology – Solutions to increase production, cut investment costs and the CO2 footprint of your plant

What can you expect from our increased heat transfer in process technology?


Enhanced finned tubes allow you to drastically reduce investment and running costs in large plants. Thanks to improved heat transfer, these plants become much more efficient and need much less space. This gives you considerable savings for new projects and helps you significantly increase the capacity of your plant.


What services can we offer you?

Our broad portfolio of high-quality solutions for optimized heat transfer can be tailored exactly to your needs. The following models of heat exchangers can be enhanced with low finned and dual finned tubes:

  • Kettle and thermosyphon evaporators
  • Condensers (horizontally, shell-and-tube side)
  • Gas and liquid coolers


What application areas do our solutions cover?

  • Oil and gas production, incl. LNG industry (liquefied natural gas)
  • Oil and gas processing industry
  • Petrochemical and chemical industry
  • Power generation

Cooperation Technip Energies | Wieland

Rely on the complementary expertise of two industry leaders



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DIESTA Technology

Efficient, compact air coolers equipped with dual enhanced finned tubes



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How do you benefit from our solutions for process technology?

More than three decades of experience flow into the solutions we develop, meeting all technical, financial, and environmental requirements. We are the only service provider in our field to combine the production capacity of an international manufacturer with know-how gained through our highly modern research and development centers.

Unsere Leistungen

  • Ein branchenweit einmaliges Knowhow in Wärme- und Umformtechnik
  • Zusammenarbeit mit erfahrenen Entwicklungspartnern
  • Breitestes Portfolio an Oberflächenstrukturen und Werkstoffen weltweit
  • Fertigungsstätten in Europa und Asien
  • Professionelle Projektabwicklung

Ihre Vorteile

  • Kapazitätssteigerung in bestehenden Anlagen
  • Senkung der Investitionskosten bei Neuanlagen
  • Reduzierung der CO2-Emissionen durch Effizienzsteigerungen
  • Erhebliche Einsparungen an Material- und Platzbedarf
  • Größere Wartungsintervalle zur Anlagenreinigung
  • Geringerer Aufwand für Handling und Transport der fertigen Wärmeübertrager


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Your contact person for process technology

Andreas Knoepfler, Director Product Management
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