Strengthening Governance

Sustainability along the value chain


In our view, only responsible governance can safeguard and increase the value of our company. Our Code of Conduct provides a guideline for our day-to-day business. We are also aiming to make sustainability an ever more important aspect within our supply chain. To this end, we are paying more attention to ESG criteria when awarding contracts. 

Responsible corporate governance

For us, comprehensive corporate governance is based on three fundamental principles:

  1. We strive to act based on ethical principles at all times.
  2. We comply with statutory requirements, as well as our internal regulations.
  3. We monitor compliance with these requirements.

Sustainable procurement

Responsible procurement is one of the core issues of corporate governance that is founded on the principle of integrity for the Wieland Group. This concerns both compliance with social and environmental standards and the efficient use of resources. Both requirements have to be met throughout the supply chain. All suppliers are required to comply with our Supplier Code. This contains minimum requirements for compliance with internationally defined human rights. Since 2022 we are working continuously on implementing the German Supply Chain Act, which has been in force since January 1, 2023. We will report publicly on the fulfillment of our due diligence obligations no later than four months after the end of fiscal year 2022/23. To drive more sustainable supply chains, the volume of materials purchased from certified or audited virgin metal suppliers is to be 100 % by 2030.  



        Certified new metal suppliers


5 %

42 %

Responsibility for our materials

Wieland enjoys an excellent reputation in the industry as a manufacturer of semi-finished products made of copper and copper alloys. As a business partner, you purchase a variety of different copper and copper alloy products from us. Some products may contain alloying elements subject to legal regulations. Wieland is aware of its responsibility and provides all of the necessary information to ensure the safe use of its materials. Learn more

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